UNICEF Armenia: Procurement of Electric medical body weight scale with height meter

Closing Date 07 May 2021

UNICEF Armenia announces an Invitation to Bid (LITB 2021-9166715) for procurement of Electric medical body weight scale with height meter.  

Interested organizations are invited to submit their completed, signed Bid form on page 3, along with page 4 and Annex 2 (page 17), to the following e-mail address: procurementarmenia@unicef.org, mentioning in the subject line LITB 2021-9166715. 

All procedures are in detail described in the attached LITB. Proposals not complying to the application procedures will be considered as invalid. If any questions related to application procedures occur, please respond to this e-mail: procurementarmenia@unicef.org. Answers to received questions will be published on UNICEF Armenia webpage.

It should be noted, that as UNICEF Armenia is an international organization, with a status equal to a diplomatic representation, zero rate of VAT should be applied, according to the “Tax Code’’ of RoA, article 65, point 12. 

Application deadline: Friday, 7 May 2021, 17:00.