In 2020 the United Nations Turns 75

“Multilateralism is under fire precisely when we need it most,” - Secretary-General Antonio Guterres
The world is very different today than it was in 1945. What will it look like in 2045 when the UN turns 100?
Imagine the possibilities. How do we get there? We know the threats. Let’s face them together.
Greta Thunberg, Climate Change Activist։ “It is we children and future generations that are going to suffer the most from these consequences, if we fail.”
Our challenges are immense. No nation can solve them alone. But together we help, we learn, we teach, we care, we innovate.
Millie Bobby Brown – UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador։ “We have the passion, the fire and the ideas to make the change.” 
Antonio Guterres – Secretary-General of the United Nations։ “I am deeply convinced that there is no other way to deal with global challenges but with global responses.”
All things are possible. Shared problems, shared solutions.  
In 2020, the United Nations will launch a people-driven global conversation on how we can shape our future together. 
Join the global conversation. Let’s shape the future, together.