Workshop on SDGs and Migration Data

Timely and accurate data is the pledge of efficient policymaking. During two-day workshop on February 13 and 14, 2019 in Yerevan, devoted to Migration data in SDG-s, representatives from the RA Statistical Committee, Migration Service, Ministries of Education and Science, Healthcare, Territorial Administration and Development, Foreign Affairs, Labour and Social Affairs, Economic Development and Investments, Prime Minister's Office, as well as the Central Bank together with the UN agencies, discussed the progress of Armenia in monitoring of the SDG-s, migration and SDG data collection and exchange as well as related challenges and ways to improve.

An intensive discussion unfolded between workshop participants on possible ways to improve migration data collection, existing data gaps and challenges.

Armenia National SDG Platform -  a tool, which provides new solutions and proposes innovative approaches for monitoring of SDG-s in Armenia, was presented to participants.
At the end of the workshop Ms. Elisa Moser Vidal from the IOM Global Migration Data Analytic Center, presented IOM recent publication “Migration and the 2030 Agenda. A Guide for Practitioners”, which is designed to help policymakers implement the migration aspects of the SDGs. The Guide includes Armenia’s Case study and the country’s experience on developing monitoring framework for SDGs.