Health of Adolescents and Modern Information Technologies

Round table discussion

Yerevan, 24 November 2017 - Arabkir Medical Centre-Institute of Child and Adolescent Health, UNESCO Regional Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia and UNAIDS organized round table discussion devoted to the health of adolescents, role of modern information technologies in  healthy lifestyle promotion.

Adolescence (10-19) is a period of rapid growth and development, experimentation and opportunities.

Unhealthy eating habits, lack of physical activity, early initiation of sexual activity, smoking are among most common problems faced by adolescents today. Many of health problems of the adolescent period are significant risk factors for the development of chronic non-communicable diseases in the adulthood. Adolescents lack scientifically based knowledge on healthy lifestyle promotion, psychological issues, HIV prevention. Information technology (IT) has become a vital and integral part of life. Information technology has the ability of speeding up information delivery, so this ability can be used in improving education environment.

Taking into consideration the fact that adolescents suffer from different psychological problems, unhealthy eating, risky behaviour, it was decided to develop the special platform for adolescents and help them to cope with age–specific problems. Teenslive.am web-site was developed by specialists from Arabkir Medical Centre- Institute of Child and Adolescent Health in close collaboration with UNESCO IITE in the frames of technical assistance of UNIADS regional programme, under support of the Government of Russian Federation. The information portal consists of different articles and recommendations which are focused on actual topics for teens, f.e., health, communication, relations, love. On-line consultation with doctors and psychologies are also available through the site. The materials and articles of the site are recommended by the Ministry of Science and Education as reference resource for teaching and learning Healthy Lifestyle subject and relevant extracurricular activities. Animated edutainment videos on HIV prevention and healthy lifestyle will be adopted soon.

Welcome speeches was provided by representative from the Ministry of Science and Education, UNESCO Regional Office, UNAIDS Armenian Office. In his welcome speech Dr. Sergey Sargsyan, Head of Institute of Child and Adolescent Health at the Arabkir Medical Centre, Chief Pediatrician of the MOH, noted that adolescence is very important period, and behavior acquired during that period has a profound effect during future life. Dr Lena Nanushyan mentioned about goal 90-90-90. Regional adviser, Tigran Yepoyan noted that new generation of adolescents need new information technologies. Dr. Anahit Muradyan presented the main goals and objectives of the Healthy Lifestyle subject provided at all schools in Republic of Armenia. Then representatives from Arabkir Medical Centre- ICAH, Dr. Marina Melkumova and Eva Movsesyan presented the newly developed edutainments, main structure of the site Teenslive.am, mentioned about opportunity to ask anonymous questions. Participants of the meeting asked questions about future developments of the site and future promotions. Teenagers from high schools prepared flash-mob and expressed their opinions.    

Round table discussion is devoted to the World AIDS Day.