UNHCR and Mission Armenia kick-off a new partnership with Yerevan Municipality to benefit vulnerable displaced population in Yerevan

The Yerevan Municipality has embarked on a new step of reforms in the field of social protection by an allocation of funds for the social and child protection sector aimed at addressing the urgent humanitarian and integration needs of vulnerable displaced and refugee families, asylum-seekers and stateless persons living in Yerevan.

Inspired by the Cities #WithRefugees statement of solidarity by the Mayor of Yerevan and in promotion of The Global Compact on Refugees, the Yerevan Municipality, UNHCR, and its partner Mission Armenia NGO have strengthened their cooperation aimed at piloting a humanitarian assistance and integration project in 2020. The pilot Project, targets some 150 families by enrolling them in rental subsidy, winterization or various other social assistance schemes, based on their needs.

UNHCR and its state and NGO partners: The Migration Service, The PM's Office of the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs, and Mission Armenia NGO stand ready to support the Project by sharing with the Municipality staff their expertise and experience in working with vulnerable displaced families that due to difficult circumstances in life, including COVID-19 outbreak in Armenia, rely on the care and support from others.

To ensure a smooth implementation of the Project, in coordination with UNHCR, the social workers of the Mission Armenia NGO provide on-the-job trainings for staff members of the  Social Security and Child Protection Department of the Yerevan Administrative districts, including house visits to the families, identified by Mission Armenia,  for needs assessment and provision of assistance.

This unprecedented assistance project assumed by the Yerevan Municipality is very timely and crucial given the ongoing socio-economic hardships in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, in particular. Upon successful completion of the pilot Project this year, the Yerevan Municipality, jointly with UNHCR and Partners, will discuss the best practices and lessons learnt and brainstorm on the next steps for elaboration of the sustainable development schemes to benefit the vulnerable displaced population in Yerevan.

We would like to take this opportunity and express our appreciation to the Yerevan Municipality and The Council of the Elders. Their endeavours and prompt actions are a vivid demonstration of genuine commitment and partnership aimed at the wellbeing and integration of the displaced population in Yerevan.