United Nations Department of Global Communications


Department of Global Communications
Office in Yerevan
UN House
14 Petros Adamyan St.
Yerevan 0010, Armenia
Tel: (374 60) 53 00 00 + 209

Email:  uno.yerevan@unic.org
URL:   www.un.am



The United Nations Department of Global Communications (DGC) is the public voice of the UN and the principal source of information about the United Nations system. It promotes global awareness and greater understanding of the work of the UN, using various communication tools including press, electronic and new media.

The UN Department of Global Communications Yerevan Office (UNO Yerevan) was established in 1992 and is one of the 59 UN Information Centres, Services and Offices worldwide. Besides its global mandate, UNO Yerevan cooperates with the UN Country Team (UNCT) advocating its work in achieving the 2030 Development Agenda, promoting the Sustainable Development Goals.

The UNO Yerevan acts as the Secretariat of the UN Communication Group (UNCG) aimed at uniting the efforts of the UN system in Armenia in communicating as one. This helps to increase visibility of the UN achievements and to promote its success stories by reaching out to the media, educational institutions and the civil society and bringing the core messages of the UN to the people in Armenia. 


DGC achievements during the past 25 years

  • Thousands of students (school or university level) have participated in education outreach activities and events, have taken part in commemoration of UN observances and thematic exhibitions and quizzes in and out of the UN House.
  • Media partners have regularly received media advisories and press releases on global and local events, Secretary-General’s messages, op-eds, have participated in media contests, trainings locally and at HQ. For 10 years, a special course on UN is being taught for future journalists at YSU.
  • Since the year 2000 thousands of young people have simulated the sessions of UN bodies, committees, commissions playing the roles of UN delegates in “Model UN” conferences. This extra-curricular activity is an excellent means to learn about the United Nations, its rules and procedures, improve negotiation and presentation skills and dive into international political affairs.
  • National Library of Armenia and Yerevan State University host the UN Depository Libraries, while 18 UN Corners are suitably located in other university libraries and public sights.
  • The current bilingual website is the 3rd edition with a bilingual Glossary of over 2,500 entries of terms and phrases, including acronyms, names of conventions and international agreements and a Virtual Library of about 500 electronic versions of locally produced UNCT publications.
  • Social media platforms of UN Armenia are maintained and overseen by UNO Yerevan. As of April 2018 the daily bilingual updates and posts keep the almost 11,000 fans of UN Armenia Facebook page, 52,000 followers of the Twitter account and almost 70,000 viewers of YouTube Channel with UN Armenia and world UN news and information.
    A network of “Friends of UN” Facebook group with over 2,000 members is a useful platform to reach out to school and university students, teachers and parents.
  • Starting the year 1999 hundreds of young and bright individuals have passed their internship in the Office and served as volunteers. This has provided them a good exposure to the United Nations enhancing their educational experience and gaining practice in the work of the Organization.

Staying loyal to the motto of the Department – “Inform, Engage, Act” the UNO Yerevan stands dedicated to communicating the ideals of the UN to the people by informing, engaging and acting.

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