Everyone can make a difference, Every action counts


On 20 June, World Refugee Day (WRD), the human community gets together to honour the spirit and courage of millions of refugees worldwide. It is a day to pay respect to refugees and recognise their contributions to the new country.

This year’s WRD which goes under the tagline “Everyone can make a difference, Every action counts”, is commemorated during the global COVID-19 crisis. COVID-19 crisis has equally affected the locals and the displaced population, and the communities hosting them․ Our strength as a human community lies in our togetherness where each of us has a role to play, and every one of us counts.

Empathy and understanding, peaceful coexistence and solidarity, respect and peer support – this is what we all want, and this is what refugees long for․ Even if we are all 'on the same boat', displaced persons are affected more by their growing feeling of anxiety, isolation and helplessness. More than ever, refugees need our support. They want to feel part of the society, have their voice heard and contribution accepted.

Timely, crucial and targeted action – this is what is needed: the state, international and local communities, municipalities, the Civil Society and volunteers – they play a great role in mitigating the sufferings of those who are in dire need of support.

Everyone can make a difference, Every Action Counts - led by the principle of SDGs, ‘leaving no one behind’, we want to ensure warm welcome and inclusive environment in their host communities.