Armenian schoolgirls created mobile apps on Sustainable Development Goals

Today, on the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day the UN Armenia Office hosted a group of Armenian schoolgirls who presented their mobile apps created within Technovation Armenia project. The awards ceremony of the winning groups took place.  

This year, female students from different Armenian schools aged 10-18, had an opportunity to participate in the world’s largest Technological Entrepreneurship Technovation Project. During the 12 weeks of the initiative, the teams consisting of 5 girls looked into themes related to the Sustainable Development Goals (environment, poverty, peace, equality, education and healthcare) choosing one concerning their community and with the help of the acquired relevant skills created mobile applications that would solve those problems.

In her opening speech Armineh Haladjian, officer-in-charge of the UNO/DPI Yerevan office, said: “The theme of the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day is “Big Data for Big Impact”. This means that correct processing and analysis of data, figures and statistics can bring great benefits and drive development. The work fulfilled by the schoolgirls is a testimony to this. Using different data and information the girls have been able to create mobile apps with the help of which it is possible to solve some small but concrete problems of their selected SDG field.”

During the project, teams consisting of up to 6 girls, with the guidance of their mentors, participated in the four-part training program comprising of codification, business, marketing and presentation. The teams created their apps using APP Inventor program developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 36 teams participated in this competition-training but only 22 of them reached the semi-finals.

The President of the “Women and the Information Society” NGO Narine Abazyan said: “This project was important not only because the participants acquired technological knowledge and skills and suggested solutions to a number of Sustainable Development Goals, but also contributed to the implementation of two neighboring goals, namely the 'Quality Education’ and the 'Gender Equality'.” 

The jury selected 6 winning teams representing the Karby secondary school, Ashtarak School #2, Yerevan Schools #2, #92, #125 and “Anania Shirakatsi” Lyceum. The teams were awarded with tablets and smart phones. UN Armenia had prepared small gifts for all the participants of the winning teams.

The Technovation Armenia project was organized by the National Institute of Education of the Republic of Armenia and the “Women and the Information Society” NGO. The project was supported by the UN Armenia Office, the American University of Armenia, the Union of Employers of Information and Communication Technologies, the Synopsys Armenia Company, the “Unicomp” Company and the Enterprise Incubator Foundation.

Since 2006 with the suggestion of the International Telecommunication Union Conference and the resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly, May 17 is celebrated as the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day.