UN Armenia Staff gather for the People of Syria

UN staff in Yerevan gathered for the people of Syria #NotATarget #ChildrenUnderAttack  

"We, the staff of the United Nations wish to express our profound concern and outrage over the suffering of the people and especially the children of Syria.

The crucible of war continues to hold the people, and especially the children of Syria, hostage. For six years, Syrians have experienced appalling violence and flagrant disregard for human life. For six years, the world has watched in horror. Human decency and conscience demands that we end the carnage now.

The United Nations was founded on principles of human rights and respect for humanitarian values. It is our duty as individuals and as a collective to uphold these principles. We therefore stand in solidarity with the civilians and particularly the children who are suffering from abuses, indignity and destruction caused by ongoing violations of international norms. We stand united in solidarity with the people and especially the children of Syria.

We call upon the Member States of the United Nations, in particular the Security Council, to take urgent action to end the bloodshed in Syria."


UN Staff Statement for the People of Syria