SDGs localization and prioritization workshop

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) held its first event on SDG localisation in Armenia, on 18 November in Yerevan. The workshop aimed to introduce the localisation process and prioritise SDG migration targets in Armenia. Over 60 participants took part, including representatives from government agencies, NGOs, international organisations, academia and the media.

During the workshop increasing importance of migration as a development factor was discussed as well as the relevance for Armenia of the SDG Target 10.7 on “planned and well-managed migration policies”. To help measure this, IOM developed its Migration Governance Index (MGI), which was piloted in 15 countries – in the region including Moldova and Turkey – and will extend to 100 more.

SDG localisation experiences from other countries were also shared during the event, such as participatory process carried out in Sarajevo which used an interactive board game to stimulate discussion.

SDGs localization / Development of SDG National Indicators in the area of Migration and Development