Information Management in Case of Crisis with Migration Dimension

On September 26 and 27, 2016 IOM Mission in Armenia conducted two-day interactive workshop on Information management in case of crisis with migration dimension. The workshop was focused on identification of gaps on data exchange and information management in case of crisis situations and stimulation of cooperation between responsible state bodies and international organizations. The workshop participants, represented RA Ministry of Emergency Situations, State Migration Service, Border Guard Troops of National Security Service, Ministry of Defense, RA Police, International Committee of the Red Cross, UNHCR, discussed different scenarios of displacement, cross-border movement, as well as quick survey/registration tools and government needs in such situations. IOM shared with its data collection and data storage tools, its globally developed methodology on registration, displacement tracking, information management and analysis, information sharing and data protection.

The workshop was conducted in close cooperation with other UN agencies - UNHCR, UNOCHA. UNHCR Deputy Regional Representative in South Caucuses Mr. Hy Shelow presented population data management of displaced persons, as well as the main principals of population data management strategy. UNHCR shared also with its experience and lessons learned in the regard on the situation, occurred in April 2016 and displacement of population from Nagorno-Karabakh. Mr. Ashot Sargsyan, UNOCHA Disaster Response Advisor for Armenia, Georgia and Turkmenistan, raised the question on humanitarian-development data gap and spoke about how bridge a data gap amongst stakeholders (communication, information sharing, the 3Ws, coordination, cluster approach, etc.).

The workshop was conducted by Mr. John Chaduka. Mr. Chaduka is working in IOM HQ in Geneva, in the Department of Operations and Emergencies. He is a member of IOM DTM (Displacement Tracking Matrix) Support Team.