The UN Armenia hosts WiRED International

Today the UN Armenia  hosted representatives of  WiRED International Dr.Gary W. Selnow, Executive Director, and Sebough Baghdoyan, International Consultant, Retired United Nations Programme Manager to discuss issues related to the possible cooperation with relevant UN agencies  in the field of medical and health education.

WiRED is a nonprofit, volunteer-driven organization delivering medical and health education aiming to elevate the level of health knowledge within communities and dreaming "to reach a threshold of knowledge where entire communities see prevention practices as the norm, where people are sufficiently informed to support each other on matters of good health."

Launched in 2011 the WiRED International e-library including more than 300 medical and health education modules enables physicians and nurses, patients, health workers and communities to address the prevention and treatment of both infectious and non-communicable diseases in developing areas of the world. The training modules are initially developed in English language then translated into other languages  by WiRED International’s volunteer team of physicians, medical editors, technicians, etc. More about the WiRED International here.

The special request of WiRED International to the UN Armenia is to assist with the translation of as many modules as possible into the Eastern Armenian language to be used for trainings conducted in the Armenian speaking communities. Read the  Appeal here.

Mutual agreement on establishment of future cooperation and resource exchange was reached between the WiRED and UN agencies present.