“I am the Community” Youth Camp

Awarding and Networking Event for Graduates of the “I am the Community” Youth Camp takes place on 16-17 March at the UN house in Armenia,

UNDP has initiated two Youth Camps on Community Leadership in 2015. First was held on January 26-February 2 in Dilijan, and second one - on August 20-27, 2015. The main purpose of the Camp is fostering an empathetic leadership model, focusing on gender equality, local governance and participation at the community level. 

The present event aims to summarize the results of the two camps and reward those young people, who in full or partially implemented their community initiatives. Those campers who implemented their activity in full will receive certificate of achievement, those who did partially will get certificate of participation.

In total 73 young women (44) and men (29) from all 10 regions and Armenia and Yerevan benefited from this leadership development model. In the result, 26 community initiatives were completed by 35 young people in 21 communities of Armenia. 24 of them implied cooperation with LSGs. Four project are currently ongoing to be completed within the coming two months.