Development Partners Cooperation Forum convened for the first time after the State of Emergency to address ongoing and longer term COVID-19 Response and Recovery needs

Another meeting of the Development Partners Coordination Forum supporting Armenia’s development co-chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister, Mher Grigoryan, and the UN Resident Coordinator in Armenia, Shombi Sharp took place in the Government. Several ambassadors and international organizations’ representatives in Amenia participated in the meeting both in-person and online. 

At the beginning of the meeting the Deputy Prime Minister, Mher Grigoryan presented the COVID-19 situation in the country and the Government’s measures aimed to mitigate its socio-economic impact. On behalf of the Government, the Deputy Prime Minister thanked Armenia’s development partners for supporting Armenia during these challenging times and recognized the importance of deepening the cooperation with all partners.

During the meeting, Ambassadors and International Organisation representatives shared details of their ongoing and planned support to the national COVID-19 Response. The UN Resident Coordinator, Shombi Sharp, the World Bank Country Manager for Armenia, Sylvie Bossoutrot, and UNDP Resident Representative, Dmitry Mariyasin also held a speech regarding the COVID-19 economic impact and risks, UN’s socio-economic response and recovery plan.

“The global COVID-19 pandemic is far more than ‘just’ a health challenge. Overcoming this unprecedented crisis requires an ambitious, integrated response that matches the complexity and magnitude of the task while ensuring that people, societies, and the planet emerge stronger and more resilient than before. The role of international cooperation and multilateralism, as well as partnerships across government, civil society, and businesses, has never been more important – and this is exactly why the investments of the international development partners gathered here today, working closely with government colleagues as well as the UN system in many cases, have been so critical in supporting Armenia’s response and people across the country” - noted the UN Resident Coordinator, Shombi Sharp.

The meeting was then followed by a Q&A session and the Deputy Prime Minister, Mher Grigoryan answered ambassadors’ questions related to the Government’s measures, readiness to the possible second wave of the coronavirus, current socio-economic issues, and the development of strategies.  

At the end of the meeting the Deputy Prime Minister, Mher Grigoryan, and the UN Resident Coordinator, Shombi Sharp mutually recognized the importance of such meetings in order to share ideas around mutual points of interest.